Let Joe Know: Make $87k working from home!

Posted at 5:39 PM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 21:10:33-04

How about making decent money working from your couch, or anywhere you can get online access? offers legitimate work from home jobs with full-time salaries.

Their most common jobs range from $87,000 for a client service director and $79,000 for speech language pathologists to $48,000 for writers and $36,000 for online tutors.

Right now, there are positions paying around $50,000 including a Banner Hospital accountant, a virtual teacher and a sports sales specialist who would be evaluating student athletes.

Most all of the work can be done from anywhere that has an online connection.

Flexjob's Brie Reynolds says at first, it can be tough separating family from work while at home.

And you might be confronted with a number of scams while looking.

Scam warning signs include being hired with no interview, getting a promise of high pay, and getting a big check before your work has actually begun.

You'll then be told to buy something with your money and later find their check is bad.

Many times scammers use real business names.

If you get an offer, make sure to call the business and check them out.

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