Let Joe Know: He fought his HOA and won!

Posted at 6:55 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 21:55:05-04

Imagine being taken to court by your Homeowners Association.

The issue is a growing bill after making a late assessment payment.

It's you against their attorneys.

Your odds are not good.

But Chad Lakridis beat those odds!

We've been following Chad's story for months.

He says it started when he got a threatening letter from his HOA.

Chad says it's the only reminder he received about missing an HOA payment to the Desert Ridge Community Association.  

He says at the time he had a serious brain injury.

But Chad says his attempts to make up payments were rejected.

He says he sent certified letters, went to the office several times and wasn't allowed to make catch up payments.

The bill grew.

His HOA and property management company, First Service Residential, took him to court.

Chad represented himself.

In court, Chad tried to show that HOA mailings were being sent to a previous address.

It's an address Chad says he tried to change multiple times with the HOA.

And he tried to show the HOA violated it's own by-laws by sending him to collections too quickly.

In her verdict, the Justice Of The Peace states "the court does not view favorably the practice of billing owners for late fees when checks for assessments are timely provided at the HOA, yet the account is with the collection's attorney."

Chad says it's a message to all HOA's: "don't do the wrong thing...stop exploiting people."

So Chad does not have to pay the $1,700 plus requested nor attorney fees.

And he could be reimbursed for his costs.

No word on an appeal.