Driver complains of gas mix-up at Arizona border gas station

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 10:20:07-04

When you pump gas, do you take your receipt or leave without one?

A California woman recently let me know why keeping your receipt is a good idea.

Brittney Brewster and her family were driving to the Valley for summer vacation on June 1.

She says she had just filled up her tank at a Sunmart with Chevron gas station in Ehrenberg, Arizona along Interstate 10 when her SUV started sputtering.

"We were debating on pulling over but we weren't sure what was happening," she said. "And then all of a sudden black clouds of smoke are coming out of the front and back."

They spent the night in a nearby hotel. The next day a mechanic would tell her, "that there was diesel put in the car." The fix would cost $760.

"For 24 hours I thought that I put diesel. I was like I must have been really tired because I know the difference," she says.

Then she found her receipt.

"It said unleaded pump 4," and Brewster says that's when she knew there had been a mistake.

"I called the gas station and they said yes you're going to have to talk to corporate."

She found out it wasn't just her car.

In a statement to ABC15 Chevron says in part:

"...the independently owned Chevron station on Tom Wells Road in Ehrenberg, an independent delivery company mistakenly unloaded some diesel into the supply of regular gasoline on June 1. Once the station discovered it, they stopped selling that fuel. The station believes the impact on customers was limited."
Brewster says the gas station owner agreed to reimburse her costs but she is concerned for other drivers.

"There's probably a lot more people out there who think that they did pump diesel, like myself," she says.

If you believe your car was affected, contact Sunmart owner Petroleum Wholesale at 281-681-7500.

This is a reminder that it's a good reason to keep your receipts on those summer road trips because you never know when you'll need them.