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COVID-19: Are you due a refund if your plans are canceled?

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Posted at 6:00 AM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 10:05:11-04

PHOENIX — Suspended indefinitely, postponed or canceled: the coronavirus is causing a change to many plans and getting a refund may not be so clear-cut. You make the call!

You paid for tickets to a Suns game, but the games are canceled. The season was suspended because of the coronavirus.

You paid for a cruise, as Roy did, from Hong Kong to Singapore. The ports are closed, so the cruise was canceled.

These are clear cases. The event was canceled, so you deserve a total refund. However, we're hearing from others who what refunds for cases that may not be as black and white.

Should they all get money back?

Walter paid for a Vegas trip to see the band Chicago. The concert went on, but Walter had coronavirus fears and wants money back - not from the concert, but from the hotel he booked nearby at a no-cancellation rate.

Charles made flight reservations to see his grandkids, but the 70-year-old wants all his money back because of virus concerns. Major airlines are only allowing postponing most domestic flights, and Charles is flying from Prescott to California.

You make the call!

Should hotels, airlines, rental car businesses refund your money if they had nothing to do with an event being canceled?

Judy was headed to Tucson for a baseball event when all the games were canceled. Judy wanted her money back from her hotel. In her case, the games were canceled a day after the hotel's free cancellation period ended.

Bottom line: If your hotel, flight or rental car isn't canceled, and you didn't buy a free cancellation option or travel insurance, should you still be allowed to get a full refund because of virus concerns?

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