Police: Woman arrested in Scottsdale for allegedly stealing $18K worth of alcohol

Posted: 12:26 PM, Mar 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-16 18:26:42Z

Scottsdale police say a California woman is accused of stealing nearly 300 bottles of alcohol.

Scottsdale Police report that on March 8 they noticed a car with a sagging back end. As they looked inside the window, they reportedly saw "numerous liquor bottles in the back seat." 

The car was impounded after learning that 24-year-old Lakiya Maureen Frazier was driving without a license. 

Officers checked the rest of the car and reportedly found 75 bottles of "high quality and high dollar" alcohol in the backseat and another 200 bottles in the trunk.

Loss prevention officers received reports of a woman who allegedly stole tequila from a Scottsdale store, court paperwork said. 

Police say the bottles belonged to Fry's stores and are worth over $18,000. 

When investigators questioned Frazier, she reportedly admitted to taking the liquor and said she was heading back to California. 

Police say the alcohol was stolen from eight Fry's stores in Arizona, court documents said. She's been charged with theft and trafficking in stolen property.

Frazier has been convicted in California for shoplifting, four times in the last two years. 

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