PD: Phoenix man attacked by roommates has dog feces smeared in face

Posted at 12:20 PM, Apr 02, 2018

Police say a Phoenix man was attacked by his two female roommates with a pool stick and dog feces. 

Phoenix police report that on March 29, at a home near Central Avenue and McDowell Road, a man told police that he was awoken by his two female roommates fighting. 

When he went to investigate, the two women allegedly turned their attack toward him. The women reportedly punched him and beat him with a pool stick. 

As the man covered himself, one of the women allegedly grabbed dog feces and smeared it in the victim’s face. 

The man managed to get out of the home and contacted police. 

Police located one of the two women, 28-year-old Lydia Sarmento Vega, who also had a warrant on an unrelated domestic violence incident that happened in September. 

In this case, Vega and the other woman, who later called the police, tried to blame the victim for the attack. However, police say the evidence doesn't match their account. 

Vega was arrested for aggravated assault.