PD: Mesa man steals $13,000 in gasoline from ex-employer

PD: Mesa man steals $13,000 in gasoline from ex-employer
Posted at 2:00 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 17:02:52-04

A Mesa landscaper is accused of stealing about $13,000 worth of gasoline from his former employer. 

Mesa Police report that on May 9 they arrested 28-year-old Samuel Juarez Acevedo near Gilbert and Broadway roads. 

Police said Acevedo is an ex-employee of a landscaping company and was using their credit card to make gasoline purchases and then selling the gas to his new employer. 

Police reviewed several store surveillance videos which allegedly shows Acevedo filling truck gas tanks and four large 55-gallon barrels with gas. 

Upon seeing the videos at his arrest, Acevedo reportedly admitted to using his former employer's credit card to purchase the gas and selling it for a friend's landscaping business. 

Acevedo could not tell police how often he did it but said it was "a lot."

Police say in six months Acevedo made 108 gasoline transactions totaling $13,000 in gas. 

Acevedo has been charged with multiple counts of theft and trafficking in stolen property.