PD: Mesa man doing A/C repair in attic finds stolen goods stash

PD: Mesa man doing A/C repair in attic finds stolen goods stash
Posted at 11:20 AM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 14:20:29-04

An air conditioning repair lead to the finding of stolen items taken during a burglary in July. 

Mesa Police report that on July 2, 2017, a townhouse near Mesa Drive and Broadway Road was burglarized. 

Police believed someone entered through a doggie door and took several items in the home including rifles, electronics, tools, and totes.

On April 9 the victim's neighbor, who lives in a townhouse two doors down, was in his attic doing air conditioning repair and noticed a hole in the attic between his unit and one next to his. 

Near the hole, he discovered several items belonging to the victim. 

After getting a warrant, police searched the home of 46-year-old David Gregory Frost who lives in between the victim and the neighbor doing the A/C repair. 

In his home, police allegedly found several items belonging to the suspect including the weapons. 

Frost reportedly admitted to police that he entered the victim’s home through the doggie door and stole the goods worth about $3,000, selling some of them and keeping some. 

Frost was arrested for burglary and weapons violations.