PD: Glendale kidnapper assaults babysitter, carries away toddler "like a football"

Posted at 11:51 AM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 16:36:14-04

A Glendale kidnapper is accused of assaulting a babysitter and took an ex-roommate's toddler, carrying him, "like a football."

Glendale police report that on May 13 at about 2:30 a.m., 28-year-old Immanuel Christian Williams assaulted a babysitter and took a woman's 2-year-old son. 

Police say Williams knew the victim's mother for about seven years and had moved in with her, before being evicted three days earlier. 

He allegedly texted the mother demanding to be picked up from a party. When she didn't show up, he went to her condo near 59th and Glendale avenues and pounded on the door. 

A babysitter was there watching the mother's two children, ages 7 and 2 and told Williams, the woman he was looking for was not there. 

Williams allegedly pushed through the front door. 

The 7-year-old girl would later tell police that "she peeked through her blanket and saw Williams punch picture frames on the wall, causing his hand to bleed." 

The girl also reportedly told police that Williams wiped the blood on the babysitter’s neck, as he choked her and lifted her off the ground.

The babysitter managed to escape and go for help. 

As she looked back, she reportedly saw Williams running from the home carrying the 2-year-old boy, "as if he was a football."

Police canvassed the area, finding the toddler in the shed of an abandoned home about six hours later. Police say the temperature in the shed was already 105 degrees. 

Williams was located and arrested two days later. 

He is being held without bond for burglary, kidnapping child abuse, and aggravated assault.