Mesa sisters draw chalk art to lift spirits during coronavirus lockdown

Posted at 5:23 AM, Apr 04, 2020

MESA, AZ — Health experts continue to warn Americans, the spread of COVID-19 has still not reached its peak.

The CDC now recommends wearing masks in public, after weeks of mounting restrictions on our daily lives.

Among the worry, and fear, it may seen hard to stay positive.

So, Mesa sisters KaBrina and KaTasha Kringen decided a neighborhood project would be a way to lift spirits.

"At first we were like OK, we will just put one heart here, you know, walk 6 feet draw another heart," said Natasha. "All of a sudden, it became like hearts everywhere."

At least 20 boys and girls from the Las Sendas community pitched in, gathering chalk, and even making their own at home, to add to the symbols of love, hope and joy.

"Even though we’re supposed to isolate, you’re not alone. There’s people out there that are sending that message of love and help in anyway that they can," said Rachel Hanchett. “ As small it is is there’s always something you can do you can be that light.”

Chalk designs covered roads weaving up and down the neighborhood, inspiring KaBrina to document their work from above, and shared it on Instagram.

"We never intended it for it to go viral or for so many people or even the nation to see it," her sister said. "I think it brings a special message that you can be a light in your neighborhood to and spread joy during these crazy times were all in right now.”

KaBrina included new music by Country star Thomas Rhett. He debuted his new song "Be a Light", Monday on social media, telling fans he chose to release the song months early, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"When you’re afraid, everything feels heavy and dark. If you’re sharing light, if you’re being a light, that dispels that feeling and darkness," added Hanchett, who helped add to the mural, alongside her two daughters. "I think as we were doing it and people were walking by and commenting on it that we kind of realized the importance of what it was we were really doing.”

Friday, Big Machine Label Group saw Kringen's video, and shared it on Rhett's official Youtube channel, and already has more than 10 thousand views.

"It’s really cool to watch people come together to see that there is still hope there is still community. To be actively doing something creative with your hands to express yourself and to think of something positive and not dwell on the negative all the time.”