Why Homie is YOUR friend for finding your dream home

Posted at 8:02 AM, Feb 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-08 12:13:52-05

Homie is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living

Hey Phoenix, your days of paying crazy real estate commissions are over!
Starting January, 2018, you can buy or list your home using Homie. Homie, the new-way real estate brokerage, isn't business as usual. In fact, there are some pretty amazing differences between the new way and the old way of buying and selling a home.

Why we started Homie

Buyers used to spend Sunday afternoons driving around town to see houses with their real estate agents, but not anymore. For years, online giants like Zillow have dished up the details on any home for sale giving buyers all the info they need to narrow their search. Most buyers now browse homes online, select the listings they're interested in, and then call the agent to tour them. And sellers?  Sellers are wondering why they're still paying traditional 6% agent commissions. Doesn't technology do a lot of work?

We wondered the same thing. Why do people still go through the same old 1950's real estate process? Modern consumers use TurboTax to navigate 20,000 pages of tax code. They use apps to plan vacations and guide careers. It was time to offer tech-friendly customers a new approach to buying and selling. 

Homie offers a new way to buy and sell
At Homie, we help modern, self-sufficient people buy and sell homes as simply and affordably as possible. The traditional way of having an agent hold your hand from start to finish is great for consumers who don't have a Google or Facebook account, but for those who can set up an online profile and click through some online pics, Homie is here. Here's what can you expect when you choose to buy or sell with Homie.

We leverage technology
Our tech automates much of the work that used to take up an agent's time. Instead of driving buyers around or walking from house to house handing out flyers to neighbors, Homie agents use technology to help our buyers:
·    Find the right home
·    Schedule tours
·    Make offers
·    Close without a hitch
And to help our sellers:
·    Prepare listings
·    Go live (on and other real estate sites)
·    Market listings
·    Review offers
·    Handle contracts
·    Close the deal

Sellers pay a fraction of traditional listing costs
Homie sellers don't pay 6% commissions, not even close. To list, sellers pay a $199 setup fee and a flat fee of $1,299 at close. That's the same whether they're selling a $199,000 condo in Surprise or a $10,000,000 mansion in Scottsdale (or anything in between). And it doesn't cost extra to list the property on the multiple listing service (MLS).
Buyers create stronger offers

Homie buyers get all the services they've come to expect, plus some pretty amazing Homie-only perks. For example, any buyer knows sellers prefer offers that don't ask for closing costs, but sometimes it's hard to come up with those closing costs. Homie can help. Homie offers a buyer agent refund of up to $5,000 for closing costs  on most MLS listings. That way, our buyers don't have to ask sellers to help cover these costs, which makes their offers stronger. And, if our buyers make an offer listed by a Homie seller, they're eligible for our Homie-2-Homie deal

Our chosen ones find us
Homie clients know a good deal when they hear it, so they come to us. This eliminates the time and money spent hunting for new clients and lets us spend 100% of our time helping our Homies. And that means we can charge less. A lot less. Oh, and Homie agents assist with 30+ transactions a month, not 1-2 a year, so they're good at what they do.

We work as a team
When you sign up with Homie, you get an entire team to help you with experts in different areas. Our specialized team approach allows us to streamline the process and cut even more customer costs.

Cash, meet pocket
We did all this is to reduce how much our Homies pay to sell a home. Just how much can you save? That depends on the home, but we can tell you that our streamlined tech-friendly approach saved Homie customers over $12,000,000 last year, an average savings of over $10,000 per seller.

The future is here

We expect our Phoenix Homies will be just as happy to use the new way to buy and sell homes as our Utah Homies are. Will Phoenix be just as hot as Utah… or even hotter?

Homie is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living