Uprooted Bloom Room features a workshop and great gifts for Dad

Posted at 7:29 AM, Jun 15, 2017

Uprooted Bloom Room is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living

We started with a thought:
The Uprooted Bloom Room specializes in creatively crafted blooms sourced 100% from U.S. Farms. Our signature style is an organic blend of gorgeous blooms in chirpy colors, all sourced from local farmers within the U.S. We craft each and every design with an artistic flair, so you enjoy a floral creation that's fresh, beautiful and unique.

You choose the size of arrangement, but not the flowers. Whatever is blooming and in season determines your arrangement. By eliminating choice, we can keep our prices down and greatly reduce flower waste.

Currently 80% of the cut flowers at stores and warehouses in the US are never sold and go to waste. Reread that crazy statistic one more time. But our flower waste is almost zero, as we donate unsold flowers to area businesses and nursing homes, and we compost our scraps. When possible, we deliver by bike courier within the downtown Phoenix area. When we need to use a car, we combine trips and drive compact, fuel efficient hybrid cars.

We thrive on sharing our flower power knowledge by hosting fun and creative workshops. Our monthly "Blossoms & Brunch" events are a great way to beat the heat, enjoy a delicious brunch and mimosa, all while learning to create your own floral masterpiece.  Additional workshops on fun gardening tips, craft cocktail creations with fresh herbs and flowers, and how to create your very own customized Aromatherapy essential oil kit will be introduced this summer too. See you there! 

Uprooted Bloom Room is located at 4205 N Winfield Scott Plaza #6 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 call 480-489-3976 or visit

Not with an Uprooted Bloom Room bouquet! We support local U.S. farmers, reduce the transport impact on our environment, and keep chemicals OUT of our burlap-wrapped bouquets.

Uprooted Bloom Room is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living