Stratpharma introduces NEW innovations in how to help manage wounds and scars

Posted at 8:02 AM, Oct 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-23 10:36:59-04

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Aesthetic Everything is Featuring Stratpharma. Stratpharma is a swiss based medical device company that has products sold in over 70 countries.  Stratpharma became available to physicians in the US market in January 2016.  Stratpharma is the first company to market that offers (2) film forming topical wound dressings that can be applied directly to open wounds to improve healing time and aesthetic outcomes, Stratamed and Stratacel.  Stratpharma just took top honors in many categories including being named the #1 scar and skin repair treatment by Aesthetic Everything. The products can be used in Surgeries (cosmetic/elective and medical/non-elective), MOH’s, chronic wounds, laser procedures, chemical peels, biopsies, 1st and 2nd degree burns, spider bites, tattoo removal, microneedling, and more. These products helps wounds heal faster, as well as reduces the appearance and/or occurrence of scars.  They also help fractional laser patients recover more quickly/reduce downtime, make-up and/or sunscreen can be applied to skin directly over the product (once dried), it is not goopy or messy. If you already have a scar, Stratpharma also has a product that works for scars - old and new - to help improve the overall appearance of scars helping reduce discoloration, elevation and sensation (Strataderm). Meghan Linsey, from the Voice, healed her spider bite with Stratpharma products.To find a local physician in the Arizona that carried these products, please call customer service at 619-623-0553 or for more information go to:[].  Stratpharma will have a booth at the upcoming Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo at the Phoenician in Scottsdale Arizona in August 2018.  Booths are available as well as tickets. To get more information, please call Aesthetic Everything at 310-754-0257 or e-mail  To Learn More, visit the website at[].
Aesthetic Everything is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living