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Posted at 7:32 AM, Dec 13, 2017
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Hottest Holiday Gifts on 2 and 3 Wheels

This year the hottest holiday gifts come on two and three wheels.  Once pigeonholed as two-wheeled transport for romantic romans, a scooter renaissance is happening in the U.S. and they are more affordable than ever. Advancements in battery life and mileage gains have made scooters a good choice for alternative mobility more than ever. The scooter market is expected to grow to $19 billion by 2025 due to increased traffic congestion, rising disposable incomes and increased interest by younger riders.

Using a car as a primary source of transportation can get expensive. Rising fuel prices and parking fees has motivated a lot of city dwellers to ditch their gas guzzlers and opt for a better alternative. Electric scooters are on the rise in cities like Phoenix and San Francisco, and for good reason. Here are a few ways a person can save money when they drop their dependency on motor vehicles and no longer worry about

        Car Payments
        Mechanic Bills
        Registration and Inspection
        Parking Fees and Permits

According to giving a scooter instead of a gym membership a family member will never use has the benefit of actually sneaking in extra exercise. Riding a scooter requires more movements and coordination than riding in a car. Plus with added freedom, people feel better and move around more.

Many scooters can be folded up and carried with no need to to search for a safe place to stow their scooter or worrying about someone taking it. And it can be hard to stop and smell the roses in your city when driving in a car. A scooter connects you to your home and basking in the Arizona sunshine while zipping to the market is a fun way to spend a Saturday.

We asked Andi Barness "The Scooter Girl" about what's hot this holiday season.

What are the hottest scooters for the holidays?
For the older folks the "Gamora" - $1999
For the college kids the "Sarge" and "Beddington Blaze" $1295, $2195
"Ezectra" for all ages

What is the most important feature a customer should look for?  Make sure that it is compatible with their needs..some go faster than others, some have hand brakes.  Check the weight capacity. If you will be using it over rough terrain you may want to consider a 4 wheel scooter.

If I'm giving this as a gift what would I want to consider about the person I'm giving it to? Make sure the scooter is stable enough for their needs and that the size of the scooter works for where they are going to use it. Three wheel scooters have the best turning radius, two wheeled scooters look the coolest.

Are there any special features that are new and hot? Scooters have come along way…most of them now have alarm systems, key fobs, lights, USB ports, farther distance and faster speed

Is it true there are some scooters you can take on a plane? Yes, the "Zipster"…lithium batteries are allowed on a plane.

What's your most popular model? Gamora

What are the laws in Arizona for riding a scooter? Many scooters that travel under a certain speed (which ours do) are classified as a Pedestrian, meaning they can go anywhere a pedestrian can go…sidewalks bike lanes, crosswalks, etc. It's important to check with the city where you will be riding your scooter.

Do you need a special license or registration? No.

How is a scooter different from a motorcycle? You don't need a license and you don't have to register them. Also a motorcycle has a combustion engine, our scooters are electric.

Are there any special power requirements?  No just plug into regular wall outlet.

How do I know if my older home is compatible with the charging requirements?  All homes have 120 volt outlets so this is not a problem,

How long does a charge typically last 4-5 hours

Are there age requirements?  None, but we recommend 16 or older.

Are there weight requirements?  Some scooters can handle more weight the others

Can they be customized?  Yes, we can paint them any color and also create different seat colors.

Do you need any special tools to maintain your scooter? None

Can you take it anywhere to have it fixed?  We have a full time service dept. and technicians that will come to your home

Coming up on the horizon, look for solar powered scooters that reduce the dependency on electric energy even more.

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The Scooter Girl is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living