Leber Skin & Laser Center's microneedling treatment brings back youthful glow

Posted at 2:52 PM, Jun 27, 2017
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Achieving Excellence: Geoffrey Leber, MD, FACS

Dr. Geoffrey Leber is always looking for ways to be better - even though, judging by the enthusiastic comments of his many satisfied patients, he's already exceptional. His ultimate goal is to deliver outstanding results that exceed his patient's expectations.You could say Dr. Geoffrey Leber's profession is his legacy. Citing a deep admiration for his father, also a surgeon, his passion for the medical field started early. Drawn by the all-encompassing nature of plastic surgery, his career path was clear. "There's so much diversity in plastic surgery that just doesn't exist in other surgical specialties," Dr. Leber explains. "From reconstruction of complex deformities to cosmetic procedures for those who just want to look better, plastic surgery runs the gamut from head to toe."

After completing both general surgery and plastic surgery residencies, Dr. Leber was awarded a highly competitive fellowship in advanced aesthetic plastic surgery under the famed "Dr. 90210" - Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen. "My goal was to pursue the best training and experience in aesthetic plastic surgery," Dr. Leber states.

Dr. Leber returned to his home state of Arizona in 2001 and received board certification in both General Surgery and Plastic Surgery. His experience with Dr. Ellenbogen, recognized as "the father of fat grafting", allowed him to incorporate and perfect fat grafting technique long before it became recognized as the procedure of choice for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Leber's attention to detail has allowed him to develop many distinctive procedures. He has become known for his natural abdominoplasty results which preserves and accentuates the midline hollow and "six pack" abdominal contour and creates a natural-appearing belly button. He also developed a unique breast lift which utilizes normally discarded tissue to form an internal bra or "dermal wing". This supports the breast internally, allowing for a fuller upper pole without using an implant.

But, Dr. Leber knows that all the training in the world means nothing if he doesn't fully comprehend his patients' goals. During his thorough consultation, a custom-tailored surgical plan is outlined. A vision of what is possible becomes reality in the thousands of before-and-after photos of past patients viewed on his website and in his office.

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Leber Skin & Laser Center is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living