Fall houseboating with Forever Houseboats

Posted at 7:35 AM, Aug 17, 2017
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The weather's perfect for houseboating in the fall.  Why?  The water's had time to warm up over the summer, hot summer air temps have cooled off, peak season crowds are gone, and off season prices are great too!  It's the best kept secret on the water.  FALL TRULY DOES HAVE IT ALL!  

Water levels at all three lakes are great for house boating this year and surface area is what matters most.  Down 40' yes, but it's still 460' deep under the marina at Lake Powell, for instance.  Choose from three great lakes all about 4 ½ hour drive from the valley; Lake Mohave near Laughlin, Lake Mead near Vegas, and Lake Powell near Page.

Houseboating IS a great way to really get away from it all with your friends & family.  The experience of truly "getting away together" is priceless!   Houseboating is easier than you think and the logistics are easy too. Queen size beds, pillows & towels, all come standard!  Use the included onboard grill for ALL of your meals. Need a blender? There's one on board.   Coffee maker?  Check!  Water slide?  Check!  Shade on the top deck? Check! Who drives?  We do the hard part and leave the fun part to you.  

Value compared to an amusement park trip is swell when you consider the costs of tickets, hotels, restaurant meals, tips, beverages, etc.  Reserve the right size houseboat and share the cost around. In the end, you save big and have a better time!  And… No lines for the water slide or the top deck!  After doing both most kids (big ones too) prefer a houseboat vacation to an amusement park vacation anytime!  Kids get the together part better than we grown-ups do!

It's not really about houseboats, or vacations, it's about being together and making memories that last forever!
Forever Houseboats
Lake Mohave, Lake Mead, Lake Powell
Our operators are right here in the Valley!

Forever Houseboats is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living