Chef Michael Rusconi make his fall menu favorites

Posted at 7:54 AM, Oct 05, 2017
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Roasted Chicken and Strawberry Salad with Prickly Pear Vinaigrette
By Chef Michael Rusconi

6 oz            Roasted pulled chicken
4 oz            Diced fresh mozzarella
3 oz             Toasted almonds
1 Pint            Fresh strawberries    cut in 1/4s
            Baby field greens

 Prickly pear vinaigrette

2 oz            White balsamic vinegar
2 oz            Prickly Pear syrup
1 oz            Shallot chopped
½ each        Fresh pear pealed and cored
4 oz            Olive oil

For the dressing
Sweat the shallot and quartered pears in olive oil. Let cool.
In a blender, add your cooked pears, shallots vinegar and syrup.
Blend until smooth.
Slowly add your olive oil.
As the vinaigrette starts to thicken add a few ice cubes. This will keep the vinaigrette cold and help keep it from getting too thick as your blending it.
Salt and white pepper to taste.

Compose the salad by tossing all ingredients together.
Place them in a bowl and garnish the top with toasted almonds.

Harris Ranch Angus Burger with American Goat Cheese, Arugula and Caramelized onions

Yields 4

2 large yellow onions    Sliced thinly on the bias
1 oz.                 Olive oil
2 oz.                    Balsamic vinegar
8 ounces                Goat Cheese
4 slices                 Beefsteak tomatoes
4-8oz                Angus burgers
To taste                Salt and Black Pepper

In a small sauce pan add a little olive oil and the onions.  Over low heat slowly cook the onions stirring frequently until nicely browned.  Add the balsamic vinegar and reduce until almost completely dry.

Grill your burgers and top with all other ingredients.

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