Chef Hyun Lee from Sizzle Korean BBQ prepares unique dishes

Posted at 8:12 AM, Aug 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-07 13:04:34-04

Seafood Pancakes
2 cups pancake mix
Canola oil
1 egg
2 oz. filtered water
1 oz. white shrimp
1 oz. baby squid
1 oz. baby octopus
1 oz. black mussel
1 yellow onion, sliced
2 oz. green onion

Heat a nonstick pan with canola oil. Make pancake mix as directed on box. Mix 2 cups pancake mix with all ingredients and spread evenly in pan. Pan fry until golden brown on each side.

Steamed white rice
Bean sprouts
Korean radishes
Shitake mushrooms
Cooked beef short ribs
Sesame oil
Fried egg
Bibimbap chili paste

Chop vegetables to desired consistency. Season vegetables with salt and pepper. Place desired amount of vegetables and cooked beef short ribs over white rice in a bowl. Place fried egg on top and drizzle with sesame oil. Serve with bibimbap chili paste.

Bul-Go-Gi (Thinly-Sliced Marinated Beef)
At least 8 oz. thinly-sliced flap steak or rib eye
1 cup soy sauce
1 cup galbi sauce
4 cups corn syrup
10.5 oz. garlic, diced
1.75 oz. salt
4.2 oz. sesame seeds
½ tbsp. black pepper

Mix all ingredients except for beef in a bowl to create bulgogi sauce. Place 8 oz. beef in bowl and cover with 2 oz. bulgogi sauce. Marinate for at least one hour, then grill to preferred doneness.

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