VIDEO: 2 California sea lion pups born at Arizona's Odysea Aquarium

Posted at 3:36 PM, Jun 05, 2018

Less than two months after Odysea Aquarium announced three of its California sea lions were pregnant, two pups have been born.

We're told that mom, Ella, gave birth to her pup last week. The aquarium also shared a short video of mom and her pup bonding.

A second pup was born on Monday, a spokesperson said. No photos or videos of that pup were immediately available.

In a statement, the aquarium said the two pups "are achieving every milestone they should be achieving together at this point, such as nursing, grooming, bonding, and recognition vocalizing."

The not-yet-named pups are "quite curious" and have begun to explore their habitat, the aquarium said. They have also started teething and playing with their toys.

This week, staffers will introduce the pups to a small amount of water so "they can become proficient at learning how to close their nostrils and hold their breath…an important first step in learning to swim," the aquarium said.

Last month, an African black-footed penguin successfully hatched at the aquarium.

Odysea is located within the Odysea in the Desert complex near the Loop 101 and Via de Ventura.