3 myths about organic foods you need to know

PHOENIX - Organic foods are really popular and usually expensive. But what are you really getting for the price?

We’re breaking down three myths about organic food.

Myth number one: Organic foods are automatically healthier.

Not quite. Experts say there isn’t a lot of evidence one way or the other about the healthfulness of organic versus conventional produce. However, registered dietician Sarah Martinelli with ASU School of Nutrition and Health Promotion says some organic meats can have a higher amount of good fat.

Myth number two: Organic and natural foods are the same.

They’re not. Organic foods have to come from USDA certified organic farmers. They have to adhere to strict growing standards and use fewer pesticides. And higher prices for organic foods are often due to the cost of maintaining safer water and soil protection.

The natural label is much broader.

“It just means nothing artificial but it doesn't address how things are produced,” Martinelli said.

Myth number three: Health food stores only sell healthy food

“Just because it’s a health-focused store like maybe Sprouts or Trader Joes’ or Whole Foods, it doesn't mean that every product they sell is good for you,” Martinelli said.

No matter which foods you get, Martinelli says washing produce with water and friction significantly reduces pesticides.

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