Resolve to quit smoking in 2018

8:16 AM, Jan 11, 2018
9:53 AM, Dec 12, 2018

For most people, the New Year is a time for reflection. It’s an opportunity to revisit habits and goals, and to set a different (often healthier) course for the year ahead. For tobacco users, it’s an ideal time to take action—to make a plan and take steps towards quitting for good. Taking advantage of New Year’s resolve, and with support from friends, family and even an ASHLine quit coach, you can make 2018 your quit year.

The quitter’s journey

Although the negative health impacts of tobacco are well documented, about 36.5 million Americans still smoke. We know that as many as seven in 10 tobacco users want to quit. So why don’t they? If you’re a tobacco user reading this, you probably already know the answer: quitting tobacco is no easy task. In fact, studies have shown that it takes an average of 7 can take upwards of 10 tries to successfully quit for good.

That’s an important message for tobacco users: If you’ve attempted to quit in the past and haven’t been successful, you’re not alone. You’re among the majority of tobacco users. And if you still have a desire to quit, then you certainly haven’t failed.

Try to see every attempt for what it is: a learning opportunity. Each time you’ve tried to quit, you’ve learned something about what does—and doesn’t—work for you. Each time you make the effort, you gain more information about how to approach your quit...until the day when you succeed long-term.

Make 2018 your quit year

The New Year is an exciting time for us at the ASHLine because we know the opportunity it brings! With January 1, 2018 comes a swell of momentum and support for tobacco users who resolve to quit—support that’s essential for their success. If you’ve thought about quitting, now is a great time to make a plan to quit. At the ASHLine, we’re here to help!

Planning to quit

Success in the long-term is all about planning. When you work with a dedicated ASHLine Quit Coach, you’ll have help to make a Quit Plan that’s just for you, one that outlines your motivations for quitting, the situations and activities that can trigger nicotine cravings, and specific, actionable ways to deal with those cravings. Most importantly, your Quit Coach will be there to listen along your journey, and to provide support and encouragement when you need it most. Many of our Quit Coaches are former smokers themselves, so they know what you’re going through and can help you figure out the tactics that work for you.

Double your chances of quitting for good

Working with an ASHLine Quit Coach can double your chances of quitting for good. Call us at 1-800-55-66-222 or text “NO SMOKE” to 74097* to get started for free. You may even qualify for four free weeks of nicotine replacement therapy, such as patches, lozenges, and gum.

From all of us at ASHLine, let’s make 2018 your best yet!

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