Storm damage, outages in East Valley

Storms moving through the area caused damage and power outages Friday afternoon in the East Valley.


The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office reported lines down at University Drive and Meridian Road in Apache Junction around 6 p.m.

The Rural/Metro Fire Department said a sheet metal roof was blown off a building near Mountain Road and Apache Boulevard.

The storm ripped through Tempe, causing major damage near the I-10 and Warner Road.

"It was just a downpour, I was carrying two bags and I was literally running and trees were falling everywhere," Katie Hanenburg said.

When Hanenburg got to the gym Friday it was nasty out. When she left, the parking lot had become a swimming pool.

"I'm like ok I guess I'm wading through a puddle to get to my car," she said.

Some tried their luck driving through the lot, others decided it just wasn't worth it.

Speaking of luck, people getting gas at a nearby Circle K were pretty lucky they didn't get hit by the three trees that fell during the storm.

Timothy Warren was working behind the counter when the winds picked up.

"You know in the movies you kind of get that cheesy wind effect, 'woo' kind of deal. It kind of sounds like that," Warren said.

In Apache Junction, Thomas and Derral Warden helped rescue stranded drivers in high waters.

"Back to work," said Thomas as he witnessed another vehicle get stuck.

The brothers, at one point, even used their vehicle to block the flooded road forcing cars to find another route.

At one point, Salt River Project showed power outages affecting 1,000+ customers primarily in the east and southeast Valley.


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