Monsoon season in Phoenix: Arizona officials call for monsoon preparedness

PHOENIX - Arizona residents are being urged to prepare for the annual monsoon season.

Officials in Maricopa County say residents should establish a household plan and prepare an emergency supply kit before the monsoon season starts on Saturday.

Residents should also keep water, a flashlight and a spare tire in their vehicle.

Arizona's monsoon season runs through Sept. 30.  It typically brings storms with high winds that can cause outages.

In recent years, it has produced massive dust storms called "haboobs." Weather experts say haboobs only occur in Arizona, Africa's Sahara desert and parts of the Middle East because of dry conditions and large amounts of sand.

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Watch the ABC15 Monsoon Special: Destruction in the Desert, a 30-minute news program, on Saturday, June 15 at 6:30 p.m.


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