Celebrate! Air conditioning celebrates 111th anniversary

PHOENIX - With temperatures hovering just above 100 degrees these days, just imagine what life was like before air conditioning.

Wednesday is the 111th anniversary of the air conditioner and the Goettl company was a pioneer in cooling Arizona.

"Goettl and the Goettl brothers brought the mass-produced, economically produced air conditioning for the residential people and standard consumers starting in the 40s, late 40s, with evaporative cooling and then in the 50s into air conditioning and heat pumps," said Dan Burke, CEO Goettl. "I believe the first air conditioner went into the development of the original Sun City in about January of 1960."

The newest advancement in air conditioning units is water cooling units, like the Aqua Chill, which cools the condenser and makes it operate more efficiently.

It's not an evaporative cooler in the sense that you're putting humidity into the house, it's cooling the operating unit which is then using a traditional air conditioning refrigerant.

"It's the unit that's doing the heat exchange outdoors at the high ambient temperatures," Burke said.

So the next time you're enjoying cool relief in your home, remember to thank Dr. Willis H. Carrier for his invention 111 years ago.

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