Windy Arizona weather hazardous for truck drivers

CASA GRANDE, AZ - Dust and wind became a huge problem for truck drivers who were in a hurry to get to their next scheduled city.

The dust and windy conditions took many drivers by surprise. Although the roads seemed clear, thick spurts of dust made visibility on the road near impossible.

Truck driver Hector Fernandez was forced to get off the road due to the hazardous conditions.

"My rig started to sway back and forth. It is 53 feet. I knew I had to pull over," Fernandez said.

Fernandez had his co-worker find the closest truck stop in Casa Grande so he could find a safe place to pull over.

"It's hard to drive on the road with these winds, especially when you are carrying 35,000 pounds," said Fernandez.

He was enroute to Texas, but said he plans on staying off the road until the weather settles down.

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