Super Bowl 2014: Ridiculousness of moving championship game to another day (BLOG)

I'm getting so tired of hearing about how the NFL could possibly move the Super Bowl to Saturday... or Monday... depending on the weather.

Look, I understand that it might be necessary if Mother Nature decides to drop two or three feet of snow on New Jersey that weekend. But come on! Didn't you know that when you made the decision to have a Super Bowl in New Jersey?

What is it about having a Super Bowl at MetLife stadium in early February that seemed to have everyone fooled at the NFL offices?

Didn't they look at the Farmer's Almanac? Aren't their offices in New York City for goodness sakes?

Memo to the NFL, it took me less than 30 seconds to discover that the average high temperature in New York in early February is 38 with a low of 25.

Oh, and on that same website that took me 20 seconds to find, it also showed me there's a 47 percent chance of precipitation in February. And that can actually come in the form of snow! Shocking, I know!

And now we're hearing the NFL may have to move the game? Come on! Football is meant to be played in the rain, snow or sleet, and the Super Bowl is no different than any other game.

That's Fouhy on sports!


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