Kobe vs. mom in strange Mother's Day court battle

PHOENIX - Talk about a strange Mother's Day story. Kobe Bryant and his mom are in a dispute over whether or not she has the right to sell his sports memorabilia.

In case you haven't heard, Kobe's Mom, Pamela sent a bunch of Kobe's high school and Lakers memorabilia to Goldin Auctions House in exchange for a $450,000 advance.

The items, which have been in storage, include two championship rings from the Lakers Title in 2000, a signed basketball from that team, his 1996 Pennsylvania high school championship ring, jerseys and sweat suits from Lower Merion High School, trophies, his 1999 Teen Choice Award and a whole lot more.

Once the auction house announced the auction, Kobe's lawyers asked Goldins to terminate plans to sell his memorabilia that Kobe says doesn't belong to his mom.

In a court filing last Wednesday, Kobe is quoted as saying, "Mom, you know I never told you that you could have the memorabilia. It has tremendous sentimental value for me, and I desire to hand down my well-earned memorabilia to my children."

Kobe's mom responded with a simple one-liner, "Yes, but you never said you wanted it either."

Kobe's lawyers go to court Monday in an attempt to stop Goldins Auction House from continuing with the auction.

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