Indy 500 or Sunday drive? (BLOG)

As soon as I finish this blog, I will be driving home in an 11-year-old Ford Escape that will be traveling faster than the field at the end of the Indianapolis 500. 

That's wrong. 

Nothing against the driver who (eventually) took the checkered flag (in slow motion – almost). Tony Kanaan ended his 12-year drought and the crowd cheered the fan favorite. 

"It was unbelievable," Kanaan said. "This is it, man. I made it. Finally they're going to put my ugly face on this trophy."

No, the truly ugly part was the finish. The unsightly image of deciding the world's greatest auto race under a yellow caution flag. For all the intrigue, it might as well have been a Toro commercial featuring middle-aged overweight dads on riding lawn mowers.  

Now, did the Indianapolis 500 on ABC15 feature a race record 68 lead changes? Yes. Was it exciting and captivating overall? Yes again. 

But it's the Indianapolis 500. You're supposed to race full throttle to the finish line, not meander to the checkered flag in second gear.

We've always preferred Indy Car racing to NASCAR. But if you're looking for another reason why the stock car circuit tops open wheel racing here in 2013, you can go ahead and add NASCAR's green-white-checkered finish to the list. 

Talk about your Sunday drive.

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