VIDEO: Paul Calvisi rides the Zamboni

GLENDALE, AZ - If you believe that women dig a guy with a cool ride, then guess what? For once, I might just be the envy of dudes everywhere. 

Yep.  Between periods at the Phoenix Coyotes game, the Paulie Parade Wave climbed aboard…(wait for it)… the Zamboni. (Cue the dramatic music crescendo!) 

Actually, forget that music selection. As ABC15 news anchor Katie Raml reminded yours truly, there is a popular song that waxes poetic about the Zamboni. 

" Ever since I was young, it's been my dream.

That I  might drive a Zamboni machine.  

I'd get the ice as slick as could be. 

And all the kids would look up to me."

Luckily, the Coyotes aren't playing the Detroit Red Wings. Otherwise, I'd have a guilty conscience knowing that I would be waving to fans from Hockeytown.

Of course, there's always the distinct possibility that the fan reaction might not exactly be as positive as one might hope… gulp!

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