Talk about possible Phoenix Coyotes move heats up

Talk about the possibility of the Phoenix Coyotes moving out of the Valley heated up Wednesday night.

Yahoo! Sports reports that TSN analyst Darren Dreger tweeted it's clear that time is running out for the team and that "relocation must be considered."

Dreger listed Quebec City, Seattle and Kansas City among relocation sites, none of them new options to hockey fans.

But the current focus remains on selling the Coyotes to ownership in Glendale, according to the report.

If the Coyotes do move, where they go could have a big impact on league realignment. The Coyotes were supposed to be in the Westernmost grouping in the new setup and that may not sit so well with a Quebec City move. It would mean that another team would have to move West, which might not be a popular prospect.

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