Suns' Miles Plumlee shines in season opener against the Trail Blazers

PHOENIX - Before the start of the season, the ABC15 Sports Department went around and talked to fans at a local sports bar where we learned that the only thing people knew about this year's team was that they traded a lot and everyone we talked to had a hard time naming anyone on the roster.  

So when a guy by the name of Miles Plumlee stole the show Wednesday night, we're sure a lot of people were wondering, "who?"

So here's a quick bio: Miles Plumlee was born in 1988 and attended Duke University.  He was taken by the Indiana Pacers with the 26th pick in the 2012 NBA draft. He played a total of 55 minutes for the Pacers last season, and sat on the bench during the team's playoff run.

So now when we say that Plumlee is going to be the guy to watch this season, you may still be wondering why.

Well, here's what he did in the Suns season-opener against the Trail Blazers.  He played 40 minutes, finished with 10 defensive rebounds and 5 offensive. He had three blocked shots and finished with 18 points.

Okay, so he wasn't the leading scorer. That honor goes to Goran Dragic with 26 points, Eric Bledsoe finished with 22.

But Plumlee did finish with five more points than he scored all of last season. 

Yes, he only had 13 points last season. So we were very impressed watching this power forward own it against the Trail Blazers and we expect big things out of the Suns' big man.

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