Small Stars: Tiny Mites Warhawks football team in Mesa

MESA, AZ - Small Stars come in all sizes, ages and sport groups, but this week we spotted the Tiny Mites Warhawks football team in Mesa.

Out on the field, these five to seven year olds were faced with an intense practice, including: squats, running drills, hoping drills and the grueling wave drill.

Let's face it, life is rough for the Warhawks, but on every drill the players yell, "great," because, well, that's what they are!

We had some trouble getting what the best part of practice was out of Cody, so we'd check back in with him later. In the meantime, any good football player will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication if you want to win. You have to know how to snap the ball, protect the ball and "run the ball," multiple members of the offense told us. Including Matt, Marlon, Isiah and Simon.

However, it's not all about offense. There's plenty that happens on the other side of the ball, like, "tackling," said Diaw, Paco, Nico and Marlin again.

As for Cody, he said the best part about tackling is, "you get to hit people."


All of the hard work is paying off for the Warhawks because these kids are 7-0 and have outscored their opponents 284 to 18.


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