Small Stars: Halos softball shows off their amazing cheers

PHOENIX, AZ - It's time for Fouhy's Small Stars!

This week, we're headed to Extra Innings Batting Cages in Mesa to meet up with one of the Valley's best softball teams!

So welcome to the batting cages, where the action is fast and furious.

One after another, the girls jump right in to brush up on their hitting! But before we get too far into the X's and O's of softball, let's meet the team.

Melanie is just one of the characters on this Halos fast pitch softball team and as you can imagine, anytime you get an entire team of 8-10 year old girls together, there's going to be a lot of giggling.

"Well, right now, we're just like um, practicing in the batting cages, hahahaha," Melanie tells us. So why all the giggling, are you nervous? "Yes!" What are you nervous about? "I don't know."

So while you're laughing, what position do you play?

"Every single one but first," Melanie says. Seriously, why not first? "I just never played first. I can play every position though."

So Melanie, why do you have your name written on your shoes? But Melanie doesn't have an answer, she just shrugs her shoulders and laughs, err, giggles.

While she struggles to come up with an answer, here teammates tell us she's also the class clown and the team story teller. So Melanie, give us one of your best stories. "So I get this from Adventure Time, it's like a show on cartoon network," Melanie tells us. "Oh my glob and then she says, Oh my globster."

Too funny, but let's move on! We understand the girls are here for the batting cages, but as you know, girls' softball is also about the chants and the singing in the dugout, and the Halos have some favorites.

Congratulations Halos, you're this week's small stars.

"That's all folks, bye bye now."

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