Shockbox helps detect and prevent concussions

A Valley youth sports organization is trying a new technology that could help them detect and prevent concussions on the football field.

It is called Shockbox.   

The Arizona Youth Sports League will be using it in their championship game Saturday.

A sensor is placed inside the player's helmet and it measures impacts. Any impact over 50gs will send an alert to a parent or coaches smart phone so the player can be checked out.

Scott Arsenault with the League said unfortunately in tackle football, concussions are common.

"Sometimes the coaches and parents aren't aware, and the player doesn't want to say anything," he said.

Kevin Merrill with Southwest Sports Technologies is a distributor of the device.

"It doesn't detect concussions but any time there is a 50g hit," he said. "That is like a 37 mile per hour car crash." He explained that that is the threshold studies show concussions likely to occur."

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