Report: New England Patriots inquired about Larry Fitzgerald

Where would the New England Patriots be right now if they had played this season with a future Hall of Fame receiver at the disposal of Tom Brady? 

Any chance the Pats might've secured home field advantage and, along with it, a spot in Sunday's Super Bowl instead of the Broncos?    

Now, what if that receiver was Larry Fitzgerald? Would the Cards truly consider trading Fitz? According to a report (Comcast SportsNet) out of Boston, that's exactly what the Patriots wanted to know for themselves last off-season. 

According to a "very well-placed source" cited in the report, the Patriots "sent out feelers to gauge the feasibility" of orchestrating a trade for the Cards perennial Pro Bowl receiver.  Didn't happen. 

But remember the old saying that players win matchups and matchups decide games. Hence, the most vital days of any NFL season might be the roster acquisitions in the off-season. 

No wonder the Patriots tried to kick the tires, if you will, on a potential trade for Fitz, especially since he was coming off a five win season with only 4 touchdowns. It's the old adage – buy low, sell high. 

Thing is, with Carson Palmer at quarterback in a Bruce Arians directed offense, Fitzgerald rebounded with a 10 touchdown campaign in 2013.

However, considering that Fitz goes into the coming season with a cap number in the neighborhood of a reported $18 million, this might not be the last time we hear trade chatter swirling around #11.

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