Raffi revenge? Coyotes game within the game (BLOG)

On the roster, Raffi Torres is listed as wearing #37. In Chicago, Torres wears #1. As in Public Enemy #1.

To Blackhawks fans, there is what Torres did and what the Coyotes agitator has coming. 

It all goes back to the Coyotes playoff series last season when Torres put a hellacious hit on star forward Marian Hossa, who left the ice on a stretcher with a severe concussion. 

Blackhawks fans were left with a taste for revenge. In fact, the headline in the Chicago Tribune today includes the words: "Day of Reckoning…" 

"Whatever happens out there, happens out there," Torres said. "It's going to be a good game." 

What kind of game should he expect when the Coyotes host the Blackhawks tonight? Good question. A question that was posed to Torres since he'll be in the spotlight, dare we say crosshairs, after serving a 21-game suspension. 

"It's tough to say. My mindset is the way I always get ready for games," Torres said. "I'm not going to veer off what I have to do out there. Just go out there and play hard." 

Torres has since apologized to Hossa. In addition, he's vowed to change his style of play.  

"We have to protect the top players in the league. And if it's going to take me thinking a little bit out there instead of running around with my head cut off then that's what it's going to take," Torres explained. "At the end of the day I need to keep playing, this is what I want to do."

As for payback? Revenge? On ice justice meted out by the Blackhawks?  

At the end of the day, it's hockey. Whatever happens out there – happens," said Torres. "Both teams are out to get two points."

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