Phoenix Suns players reflect on this year's season

The Phoenix Suns season is officially over.

The team finished with 25 wins and 57 losses, which made it their second worst season in franchise history and put them at the bottom of the Western Conference.  (Their worst season came in their inaugural season when they finished with 16 wins and 66 losses in 1969.)

The Suns season was split between two head coaches. The team went 13-28 under Alvin Gentry and finished 12-29 with interim head coach Lindsay Hunter.

"Me being six, seven years in, two championships, and then you know, having to sit on the bench and watch us consistently lose and stuff like that, so yeah, it was tough," said Suns guard Shannon Brown. "I learned a lot about myself, you know, that I can pretty much play and make it through anything at this point," he added with a smile.

Suns forward Jared Dudley echoed, "It's a struggle for us. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, but hopefully we can come back better next year."

But will interim head coach Lindsay Hunter be back? Will the front office consider more than just wins and losses when they decide his future as the team's head coach? "It'd better be a lot of it, because if it's just wins and losses, I don't have a chance," he said laughing.

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