Phoenix Suns losing numbers game (BLOG)

The Miami Heat currently own the second-longest winning streak in NBA history – 22 wins in a row. The Phoenix Suns have won 22 games – this entire season.      

Right there, that's a #HolyCannoliStat that says it all. But that's no fun. At the risk of going all Paulie Pocket Protector here, let's violate our golden rule (No Math) and crunch some more numbers.    

Put it this way, when you continue the compare/contrast between the defending NBA champions and the Worst in the West, let's just say there's more where that came from when you size up the 22 wins on each side. 

You've heard of "Spy vs Spy," right? We'll call this "Streak versus Season."   

For instance, Miami has held its opponents to under 100 points in 10 straight games. Over the past six games, the Suns have allowed every single opponent to score more than 100 points, including surrendering 127 points to the league's lowest scoring team (Wizards) on Saturday night. 

After shooting 58% in a win against Toronto, Miami is now 31-2 this season when shooting at least 50 percent from the field. Over the course of this season, the Suns have shot 50% or better just five times, going 4-1 in those games. 

What's more astounding, when it comes to shooting percentages, the Suns defense over the past seven games has allowed opponents to shoot 49%... from 3-point range!  

During their current winning streak, the Heat has beaten three different teams multiple times (Philly 3x, Toronto 2x, Atlanta 2x). Believe it or not, the Suns have beaten five teams more than once this season (Cleveland, Charlotte, Sacramento, Portland, Memphis). 

And one other thing these two teams might have in common by the end of the season? The numero uno. As in, the Heat are tracking to wind up #1 again. 

And, maybe, just maybe, the Suns might wind up with the #1 pick.

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