Phoenix Coyotes coach Dave Tippett signs 5-year contract extension (BLOG)

At this point, the Coyotes might want to consider changing their team logo to a checklist. 

Contract extension for the GM? Check. New potential ownership group? Check. Sign the head coach before his contract expires on July 1? Check.

"I just felt like this was the best fit because of the people you get to work with," Dave Tippett said on Monday at a Coyotes press conference called to officially announce his five-year contract extension.

"We all have a similar vision for how we would like to build this team. There's some challenges ahead. We put a foundation in place, but it's about taking it to the next level."

Despite all the ownership uncertainty surrounding the franchise and seemingly working against a long-term deal, Coyotes GM Don Maloney never lost confidence.

"I always felt fairly certain that we could find a way to make a deal," Maloney said."Obviously, it took a little longer than maybe you would have liked because of the uncertainty with the team, but the good thing is that this saga is ending fairly soon."

When the Coyotes packed their bags at the end of the season, we didn't know if they were packing ‘em for the summer or forever. Truth is, we still don't know. 

Yet that didn't deter Dave Tippett from agreeing to a long-term contract extension. Make no mistake, Tippett would've been in demand around the league. In fact, while still under contract, the Coyotes fielded phone calls from other teams.

"I had three (teams) that officially asked permission to talk with him," Maloney said when I asked him how many phone calls he fielded from teams courting Tippett. "I just said ‘absolutely not. He's with us and we're going to keep him.'" 

Now, beyond signing goalie Mike Smith, there is one XL-sized box to check on this Hockey Honey-Do list, if you will. Keeping the team in Arizona. 


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