New contract for Todd Graham? (BLOG)

ASU is talking contract extension with Todd Graham. Why? Valid question. And we're glad you asked.

Paulie Pitchfork (uh, me) has two theories when it comes to what's behind offering a contract extension to a head football coach who's under contract through 2016 and has yet to start his second season in maroon and gold.   

First, the Sun Devil athletic department might be truly terrified that Graham will indeed live up (or down, depending on your perspective) to his reputation and bolt for the first major job that comes open.      

A big season in Tempe will likely result in a big program making a big offer. And nobody does it bigger than Graham's home state of Texas. #RuhRoh

More likely, however, would be the likelihood that Graham's reputation has become a recruiting liability. In order to quell the concerns of blue chippers and snuff out the negative recruiting tactics, ASU probably feels the need to make a serious statement when it comes to Graham's future.  

Namely, that his long-term future exists on the sidelines of Sun Devil Stadium. 

In other words, the negative perception that still swirls around Graham's 11-month tenure at Pittsburgh could actually turn out to be a positive – for Graham's bank account, if nothing else.   

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