Marcin Gortat REALLY misses ex-Phoenix Suns player Steve Nash (VIDEO)

Marcin Gortat misses Steve Nash. Big deal. So do most Suns fans, right? No, Gortat really, really misses his former point guard and two-time NBA MVP. 

If nothing else, Gortat made that crystal clear after the Suns' shootaround session before hosting the Lakers in a game that marks the return of Nash to Phoenix.  

What's especially intriguing is what Gortat had to say before the season started. Anybody remember Suns Media Day, back on October 1st?

"I can play without him and I can perform without him," Gortat said. "I'm quite sure I'll be fine and the team will be fine."

Well, guess what? The Phoenix Suns are a much different team than what he might've expected. 

And Marcin Gortat was singing a much different tune Wednesday. Hear what he has to say in the video player above.

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