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MESA, AZ - Racquelle Fransen is a senior volleyball player at Westwood High School in Mesa that has figured out a balance between sports and the International Baccalaureate Program.

"It's a lot of time management," Fransen told ABC15. "You have to realize how much homework you have to do after school and when you have to give up practice because homework just really has to come first."

She's dedicated to her school work. In fact, she's a future Bronco at Boise State where she will study sports medicine in hopes of becoming an athlete trainer. "Or an orthopedic surgeon," she threw at us.

But let's go back to the whole International Baccalaureate Program because that's what caught our attention. 

"It's a prestigious program for students that really want to advance their studies. We really go in depth… and study a lot of worldwide issues. It's really cool," she added.

In this program, Fransen will have to pick a topic and write an extended essay that's at least a 4,000-word paper. She'll have to research her topic, communicate her ideas, develop an argument, analyze, synthesize and evaluate her knowledge. So again we ask, how in the world is there time for sports?

"I make time for it. I do volleyball here and I do outside volleyball. But like I said, it's a lot of time management, but I work it in. I stay up very late sometimes, trying to get my homework done, but I make time for it.  I just love volleyball and school so I just make it work."

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