Friday Night Blitz: Injuries costly to Desert Mountain football team

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Just two months ago, Desert Mountain High School was considered one of the favorites in Division One Football. After all, the Wolves had two of the best recruits in the Nation in quarterback Kyle Allen and Receiver Mark Andrews.

But seven weeks into the season, the Wolves found themselves 3-4, teetering on the edge of missing the playoffs altogether.

Coach Tony Tabor attributes the poor record to the number of injuries his team has suffered through this season, "I think our expectations weren't out of this world. I'd like to see what we would have done if we had stayed healthy. I think that was part of it. We stay healthy and we're not sitting at three and four right now. I'm not saying we'd be undefeated, but we wouldn't be three and four."

According to senior quarterback and future Texas A&M Aggie, Kyle Allen, at this point, the Wolves have just one goal in mind, "We're just trying to win out right now, get a decent seed in the playoffs so we're not stuck with the 16 or 15 seed, you know, try to win out, give us a chance and I think once we get in the playoffs we have all the pieces back and we just have a different seed than we wanted too but I think we can be fine if we get into the playoffs."

Teammate and future Oklahoma Sooner, Mark Andrews tells us that the team sat down and decided not to blame the injuries for the team's poor record, " We've had a lot of things during the season with injuries and that sort of thing but um, you know, those are really not excuses for us, we can't take those excuses and you know, captains sat down and we had a big talk with the team and you know, I think we're back on track and I believe in this team and we're going to win out the season and get in the playoffs and I think we're going to be able to do big things with the rest of the season."

Like Kyle and Mark, junior running back, Deion Warren, who leads the team with 590 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns, says, there's just one thing that matters to the Desert Mountain football team, "I just look forward to having our team get in the best position to make plays and get to the state championship."

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