Diamondbacks in first place behind Paul Goldschmidt rush (BLOG)

Simply put, he's making Paul's proud everywhere. And the more he produces, the more his name gets splashed everywhere, including a national newspaper cover story this week. 

But here's the thing about D-backs MVP candidate Paul Goldschmidt – he'd much rather see the hits than the headlines.

In fact, the only thing that Goldschmidt seemingly isn't good at appears to be talking about himself. 

"You get in there and keep it simple. Try to have good at-bats and see what happens," Goldschmidt said before departing on the D-backs ten-game road trip that started in Washington DC with a 7-5 loss to the Nationals on Tuesday night.

He makes it sound so simple.  And, more impressively this season, Goldy is making it look simple to the tune of leading the league in RBI's (66) and currently ranking second in home runs (19) while batting .311 after three more hits against the Nationals. 

"People ask me to describe him. I don't describe him as a slugger. He's a .300 hitter with power," D-backs third-base coach and former All-Star Matt Williams told ABC15 Sports. "On the good years, there will be a lot of homers.  But that .300 (average) will never leave."

The only thing that is leaving any time soon will be Goldschmidt on a plane trip to the All-Star game. 

One rewarding aspect is that Goldschmidt wasn't a top draft pick. And he wasn't highly recruited. Perhaps it's what he wasn't, that eventually molded him into what he is now. 

"He takes nothing for granted," said Williams. "He's worked really hard to become a great first baseman. A great guy to hit in the middle of the lineup."

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