D-backs passing chemistry test

PHOENIX - The D-backs talked a lot about change this season. And guess what? So far, they have changed indeed. Seriously.    

Any team can talk about making necessary changes. And most teams do exactly that during spring training – talk a good game. 

But a half-dozen real games into a real season where the games actually count and the D-backs are keeping it real ... he "D" in D-back actually stands for different. 

For instance, this season has already been marked by putting the "back" into Diamondback, as comeback wins are already a signature part of the season (a la the 2011 division winning version of Gibby-ball). 

Why? Well how ‘bout a part time player who also happens to be a full-time veteran influence in the clubhouse.

The same guy who hit the game winning two-run homer in the 11 th inning at Milwaukee to complete a 3-game sweep happens to be the same guy who considers clubhouse chemistry part of his job description. 

"I've been on some winning teams and part of World Series and those teams have chemistry," Eric Hinske said. "Those teams have talent and they have fun in the clubhouse." 

So if it seems like Eric Hinske smiles a lot and seems to be constantly having fun, well, that's by design. 

"Talent is the bottom line, but if you're not having fun in here and you don't like your teammates, then you're not going to succeed on the field," Hinske said. 

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the D-backs are off to their third 5-1 start in franchise history. Because, like Jello, everybody likes winning.

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