Coyotes fans to pay up for parking this season in Glendale

GLENDALE, AZ - The home opener for the Phoenix Coyotes is here, but fans going to the game may be surprised when they have to pay for parking.

Last year most parking was free at Coyotes games, but this year the team is under new management, and new management have decided fans should pay for parking

Depending on where you park fees range from $10 to $30 dollar per game.

"I like the Coyotes but I'm assuming I would have to pay for a ticket on top of that so that's really too much. I don't like the Coyotes that much," said Kylie.

"Why not, the baseball team charges for parking, the football team charges for parking, why shouldn't the Coyotes be able to charge for parking too," said fan Melissa Gomez.

Complicating parking though is the fact that the nearby Westgate Entertainment District will not be charging for parking. Some of Westgate's parking spaces are even closer to Arena than the Coyotes lots.

Early numbers indicate that not everyone will be able to park for free. On average nearly 14,000 fans go to Coyotes games, Westgate says they only have 3,000 parking spaces available.

Parking fees could also be important to the city of Glendale. Under the new management deal the city is supposed to get around 9 million dollars a year from the Coyotes. Part of that 9 million is supposed to come from parking fees.

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