Arizona Cardinals problems begin and end at QB position (BLOG)

PHOENIX - You know what the Arizona Cardinals' biggest problem is? It's not cutting Kevin Kolb, it's the fact that they've had 18 different quarterbacks take snaps since the year 2000.

The list starts with Jake Plummer, and then you throw in guys like Dave Brown, Josh McCown, Jeff Blake and Shaun King, and the first 10 years of the new century ends with Kurt Warner.

The next list starts with Matt Leinart, and moves to Derek Anderson, John Skelton, Max Hall, Rich Bartel, Kevin Kolb, Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer.

Knowing that Jake Plummer and Kurt Warner account for about seven of the 13 seasons since 2000, when you take them out of the mix, as well as their seven seasons, that leaves 16 different quarterbacks taking snaps in a total of six seasons.

I'd say that's a problem, especially when you consider that the Patriots have had one quarterback for the past twelve seasons (other than the one year Matt Cassel started because Tom Brady was hurt), and the Colts had Peyton Manning for eleven seasons.

Go ahead, throw in Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, Eli Manning in New York, Drew Brees in New Orleans and Philip Rivers in San Diego, and you can see how big of a problem this really is! And there's no real answer in sight.

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Cardinals QB's since 2000:

1.  Jake Plummer

2.  Dave Brown

3.  Chris Greisen

4.  Josh McCown

5.  Jeff Blake

6.  John Navarre

7.  Shaun King

8.  Tim Rattay

9.  Brian St. Pierre

10.  Kurt Warner

11.  Matt Leinart

12.  Derek Anderson

13.  John Skelton

14.  Max Hall

15.  Rich Bartel

16.  Kevin Kolb

17.  Ryan Lindley

18.  Brian Hoyer

19.  Drew Stanton- 2013?

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