Cardinals hire Bruce Arians while Suns fire Alvin Gentry!

PHOENIX - Bruce Arians is in and on the same day, the Phoenix Suns fire Alvin Gentry!

That's not supposed to happen, is it? Especially when you're talking about Alvin Gentry, a well respected NBA coach and an amazingly nice human being.

But let me start with Bruce Arians. From what I can tell, truly a great hire. Arians is a solid coach, a motivator and the type of coach the Cardinals need right now!

He'll set high expectations for this team, and he'll expect the players to buy in and hold up their end of the deal.

And, he proved himself this season, taking over as the interim head coach for the Colts when coach Chuck Pagano went down with cancer. Arians led the Colts to a nine and three record in twelve games. He's also worked with a pretty impressive list of quarterbacks, including Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

At this point I'd say, a solid hire for the Cardinals, but let's be honest, the proof is in the pudding and we won't be seeing any pudding until next fall.

And then there's Alvin Gentry! Are you kidding me? The Suns give him a roster full of bench guys and expect him to make chicken salad out of it! This was an impossible task for anyone and Gentry did what many of us thought was an outstanding job. He's had two years of bad rosters and nobody could have done any better.

But I have to tell you, this didn't come as a surprise to Gentry! Once he saw this roster, he knew he was going to be the fall guy! I don't think he knew exactly when the hammer would fall, but I'll guarantee you, he knew it was coming!

So congratulations to the Cardinals for hiring Bruce Arians, and shame on the Suns for firing Alvin Gentry!

It's a good news, bad news day in this town, but this move by the Suns takes the cake!

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