Cardinals camp: 'A fistfight' (BLOG)

Less than a week into training camp, the Cards seem more than pleased that Carson Palmer came on board.  Now the question becomes – can the Cards keep their quarterback on his feet? In other words, keep the opposing defense out of the backfield and off his backside. 

The former number one pick overall can't even begin to recapture his Pro Bowl form if teammates are constantly helping him off the turf. Instead, the big uglies up front (term of endearment) have to come together for the Big Red and form what amounts to a block wall in your backyard. Privacy. That's what Palmer needs in the pocket if he's going to have time to throw the ball to Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Rob Housler and company. 

How do the Cards build that wall, especially after allowing a league-high 58 sacks last season? That's where the coaches come into play. And let's just say that you hear ‘em before you see them. There's a lot of teaching going on at Cards camp, laced with plenty of yelling, barking, and, uh, keeping the kids in mind, what we'll call "blanking."

Lyle Sendlein should know. He's a team captain and happens to be at the epicenter of the offensive line. And yes, as we found out on ABC15 Sports, he's been yelled at…just like everyone else.   

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