BLOG: Why Arians? QB quotient

If you ran a steakhouse, would you specialize in baked potatoes? Or creamed spinach? 

I mean, as tasty and tantalizing as those side dishes can truly be (chipotle mac ‘n cheese anyone? #Ding!), your steakhouse would be out of business if the main attraction on the menu was anything other than the steaks, right?!

Which now leads us directly to the, uh, AZ Cardinals? Yes. If it's a QB-driven league, can you have a successful operation if you don't have the ability to serve up quality quarterbacks? 

In other words, what did this past season teach us? Easy. No quarterback, no chance. The Cards played four different QB's and, as a result, the letter "L" showed up 9 straight times. I think the egg heads call this cause and effect. 

So, in hindsight, Ray Horton had no chance. Same goes for any other head coaching candidate with a defensive background. 

If the Cards need victories (rhetorical question), then they need a quarterback who can play winning football.  Hence, they need a coaching staff who can cook up that recipe.  

Hence, we just witnessed a press conference announcing Bruce Arians as the Cards next head coach. 

Now, has Arians served up that platter before? Yes x 3. Then again, he was starting with filet mignon in the form of Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Andrew Luck.  

I guess the question now becomes: what USDA grade of beef is Kevin Kolb? And will the Cards need the A-1 sauce? 

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